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Students’ Portal

UniLab is a students’ centred project. The main objective is to help students in Bachelor or Master levels (or just graduated students) to be prepared to enter the labour market during their studies or as soon as possible after graduation. In order to enable this, the project will develop a Students’ Portal focusing on the needs of students.


The UniLab Students’ Portal will be developed in English and available at the end of the project in Russian and Azerbaijanian. It intends to be a forum for exchange of experiences and knowledge for higher education students nationally and internationally.


The information sections of the portal will include document templates, assessment tools, models agreements as well as a database of enterprises. 


There will be a section with information addressed to graduates, with specific help towards employability and cases and video-testimonials of success stories. 

students portal

Creative development process of the Students' Portal


What do the students need? How can the HEIs help?


How to make the portal useful and attractive? How to organise content to make it easy to find?


Are all the designs possible? Can all the contents be uploaded?


What does the students think about it? What is good and what does not work well?


Have all the suggestions been updated? Is everything in the portal working well?


Have all the stakeholders been invited to visit it? How many individuals have started using the portal?


Who else should know? How can we communicate it?


Does the Portal need anything else? Does everything continue working?
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