Category - WP5 Tools and Models

This WP aims to develop tools and methods to design WBL collaboration between business and academia. It will focus mostly on work-based internships of the current students to equip them with the relevant practical skills and an efficient supervision on behalf of the university and company. This WP will include designing of the digital portfolios, peer reviews and written reports to secure the quality of the internships and give enough evidences of the trained skills and competencies.

Along with the elaboration of the general principles and philosophy of the work-based internship in the 21 century, modeling the appropriate scheme for RU, BY, AZ WP5 will draft a 10 points plan for the development of the Network of International Career Student Centers that will be submitted to the HEIs Rectorate, Board of the director of the Associate partners, other governmental and private entities to establish the new centers or modernize the existing ones in HEI with a deep involvement of businesses.

LEADER: P4 University Lille
INVOLVEMENT: All partners have to contribute
STARTING DATE: 15 June 2021
FINISHING DATE: 15 November 2022

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