Category - WP1 Peer Learning Stage

This work package intends to build a repository of materials showing how (a) University-Business collaboration is more efficiently carried out (in different areas of knowledge), (b) career centres work and (c) Work-based learning agreements are more efficiently settle in EU countries. At the same time the PCs will find out which are the legal and practical processes in this area in their own country. The main objective of this WP is to collect sufficient data that allows the project to identify which are the areas that need improvement and creation of further tools and care in PCs. The EPCs will collect existing cases of good practices whereas PCs will collect data of the state of the art in their countries.

LEADER: P1 eucen
CO-LEADER: P2 Khazar University
INVOLVEMENT: All partners have to contribute
STARTING DATE: 15 January 2020
FINISHING DATE: 15 April 2020 (Postponed to 15 December 2020 due to COVID-19)

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