Network of International University Students Career Centres

Our students: the most important stakeholder!

Higher Education students graduate with specific and transversal skills and competences that will help them to start their working life. However, are they actually prepared to take on a job? Do they even know where to find a job or how to tackle employment?

UniLab has created a 10 action plan model to develop (or improve existing) Career Student Centres and go a step forward by encouraging to create an international network of career student centres. 

The strategic plan and model of the Network of International Career Student Centres is being presented to university top management authorities, to associations of enterprises amongst others with the final objective to have a structure that deals with the search for relevant internships and jobs for graduates with businesses that are engaged in this task. You can download the model from this site, section Tools (tool number 10). 

The Network of International Career Students Centres should offer open lectures and workshops that allow students and alumni to understand what is needed in the labour market, how successful employees are expected to deliver, etc. Industry leaders and other experts will enhance the centres with their presentations and, at the same time, will give students and alumni the opportunity to hear real situations that might be useful for their future jobs.

The network should be focused in the work-based learning placement area, with the main objective of global labour market access, cooperative research, writing of reports and real-time updates of needs in the labour market so curricula can also be adapted accordingly.

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