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Press Release 1

The first official announcement of UniLab

14 October 2020


The first official announcement made by UniLab has been a formal Press Release with date of October 2020:


Press Release 1 announces that the UniLab website is available and describes what users can expect to find in it.


The project plans are to have at least two other press releases: one when the student’s portal becomes available and another towards the end of the project, when the resources are all available.


You can download the press release here. Feel free to distribute it too. Thanks! 


Study Visit 1 - Barcelona

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona School of Management. 22-23 September 2020

The first Study Visit of UniLab will have the format of a virtual activity instead of the face-to-face event that had originally been planned and we all would have liked to do. The new format brings some challenges to its organisation, but the extensive experience of the Barcelona School of Management working with large groups of students and delivering high quality content will be an asset for the success of the activity.


The main objectives of this study visit are to present the model and success factors of the Barcelona School of Management as well as the University Pompeu Fabra at large, and to learn new methodologies in work-based learning modalities of programmes. All the learnt lessons will help participants to  reflect on how to refine existing systems in RU, BY and AZ and develop a more modern and effective work-based placements system. 

National Workshops

Online events. June 2020

The RU, BY and AZ partners have invited national stakeholders to participate in their national workshops. The stakeholders will include students, university administration, teaching staff, employers, chambers or commerce, associations, etc. The national state of the art and the conclusions from the Peer Learning Seminar will be presented. Participants will be asked to give feedback about the work done so far and will be invited to become part of the national Focus Discussion Groups. More information about these events can be found in the Facebook page of Unilab.

UniLab has its own Facebook page

04 June 2020

The UniLab project has launched its own Facebook page! You can visit and follow this page now.


The project will announce all its activities and developments not only in its website but also in Facebook. So, if you are using this social media normally, follow us and be informed of our developments!

Peer Learning Seminar

Barcelona, 10-12 March 2020

This two full days seminar gave to the consortium the opportunity to share the collected materials and conclusions from the desk research done at national level in RU, BY and AZ. It also was an opportunity to present the identified case studies of successful practices of Work-Based Learning programmes from European countries.

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