Category - WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation

To guarantee high potential for multiplication and disseminate the project results at institutional, national and international levels, dissemination activities are an integral part of the project and will be implemented from the very beginning of the project to end of it. The project foresees multiple awareness raising actions both internally (at the level of the involved institutions) and externally (national, international levels). Regarding the special nature of the project, large part of the activities is integrated within WPs 2, 3, 4 and 5 (e.g. meetings with stakeholders, focus discussion groups, internal and external workshops). Additionally, the project will actively disseminate information electronically (website, newsletters, facebook, etc), present the project at any opportunity nationally or internationally, publish articles and papers, etc.

LEADER: P1 eucen
INVOLVEMENT: All partners have to contribute
STARTING DATE: 15 January 2020
FINISHING DATE: 14 January 2023

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