Peer Learning

UniLab has a strong Peer Learning component. The consortium partners are aware of the importance of presenting their work and allowing others to comment or advise for improvement.


Partners have started their work collaborating in the writing of national reports and have shared and compared these reports with other national situations. 


The EU partners, on their part, have shared with the consortium selected models of Work-Based Learning programmes that are currently running successfully. This is how non-EU partners can see how these European programmes are comparable to theirs, find connection points and potential ways of improvement.


Peer learning will also be facilitated and encouraged at national level through the Focus Discussion Groups.


These will be spaces where local/regional stakeholders will meet each of the HEIs, look at current work carried out and give feedback on how to make it more suitable or useful for them.

Peer learning is being experienced in UniLab during the planned Study Visits as well. These activities are being led by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona School of Management (ES), IMC Fachhochschule Krems (AT) and Université Lille (FR). 


Due to the Covid-19 global health alert, face-to-face events are now suspended. However, the activities are taking place in an online format. 


The first Study Visit has taken place on 22 and 23 September as a virtual event where a selected number of key stakeholders have shared their knowledge about work-based learning and participants have had the opportunity to share their experience and exchange their points of view. 

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