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An Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project

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Work Packages

for preparation and development of the project



with over 30 different tasks to be undertaken

The University-Business collaboration is one of the most important keys to success for the global economy. It is key also for students, HEIs and enterprises. UniLab will give tools to universities in countries outside Europe to improve their current collaboration efforts so they can graduate better equipped students, ready for the 21st Century challenges.

International internship
Apart from the 5 development packages, UniLab has a work package on Quality Assurance and Evaluation, one on Dissemination and Exploitation and one on Management.
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Where do we come from?

One project, seven countries

UniLab works in several countries. In Europe the partners are from Belgium, Austria, France and Spain. Outside Europe, the UniLab partners currently are from Azerbaijan and Belarus.

Peer learning

Peer learning



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Students portal

tools and models

Career center model

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study visits
Three study visits

UniLab will organise three study visits in Europe to Barcelona (ES), Krems (AT) and Lille (FR) to learn from experts on WBL issues

focus group
Focus discussion groups

UniLab partners will create these groups with different profiles to learn from regional/local stakeholders and strengthen existing collaboration

models and prototypes
Prototypes and models

UniLab will develop tools to improve current educational models in RU, BY and AZ, and to develop new extra-curricula activities in these countries

National conferences

UniLab’s final national events will be in Baku (AZ) and in Gomel (BY) in 2022. The final tools developed by the project will be presented and discussed.

Stakeholder feedback

Work-Based Learning is key for the lifelong learners of the future, and higher education institutions will finally value informal learning the same way they value formal learning. And this can result in new educational programmes, innovation and the professional development of individuals.
Isabell Grundschrober
University for Continuing Education Krems (AT)
We participated in a series of sessions organized by the UniLab project with the team of our country. Group work and exchange of ideas at the end of these sessions were very useful for us. We received information about the role of career development centers in universities. We also shared new ideas on how development can be implemented in this area.
Shafag Gasimova
Student of Khazar University (AZ)
Higher Education institutions will transform all their programmes, from Bachelor to Master’s degree, to include work-based learning elements, in order to improve the connection between student skills, economic demand and also results of research.
Jean-Marie Filloque
Expert in French HE
case studies
Case Studies

Real work-based learning cases

The UniLab consortium has collected a number of existing samples. Cases of current work-based learning programmes that can inspire you. Visit the online UniLab Resources section to watch videos and download documents that show interesting cases.

Meet the UniLab consortium:
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